Thursday, 10 June 2021

10 June, 1597 - Five Plays in One

Here's what the Admiral's Men performed at the Rose playhouse on this day, 424 years ago...

Henslowe writes: 10 | tt at v playes in one | 00 | 11
In modern English: 10th [June, 1597] ... total at Five Plays in One ... 11 shillings

The number 5 in a
column of figures
in Henslowe's Diary
Today, the Admiral's Men revived their lost piece Five Plays in One, which was probably a collection of one-act plays, perhaps linked by a narrative device; you can read more about it in the entry for 7 April

After following a rule of performing Five Plays in One every ten days or so, the company has now waited two and a half weeks. But the box office has plummeted again.  

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