Wednesday, 27 April 2016

27 April, 1592 - Muly Molocco

Here's what Lord Strange's Men performed at the Rose playhouse on this day, 424 years ago...
Henslowe writes: R at mvlo mvloco the 27 of aprell 1592 ... xxvjs 

In modern English: Received at Muly Molocco, 27th April, 1592 ... 26 shillings 

1629 Portuguese illustration of the Battle of Alcazar
Today Lord Strange's Men returned again to their old standby Muly Molocco, which they had last staged ten days ago. The play was about Abd el-Malik's struggle for the throne of Morocco; you can read more about it in the blog entry for 21st February.

The company has settled into a pattern of performing Muly Molocco once every ten days or so. Today's box office was nothing to write home about, but was within the typical range for the play.

Monday, 21st February - 29 shillings
Tuesday, 29th February - 34 shillings
Friday, 17th March - 29 shillings
Wednesday, 29th March - 62 shillings
Saturday, 8th April - 23 shillings

Monday, 17th April - 30 shillings
Thursday, 27th April, 26 shillings

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