Thursday, 17 May 2018

Back on 5th June

London and the village of
Newington (bottom left), in
Symonson's map of Kent (1596)
After only three performances by the Admiral's Men, the Rose playhouse appears to have closed again. We don't know much about the reasons for this beyond a general sense that London theatre was going through a period of flux; you can read more about it here.

This blog will therefore be on a short hiatus until 3rd June, whereupon Henslowe's Diary will begin a lengthy and relatively uninterrupted series of records that will stretch into next year. But there will be complications: for the first week, we'll be at a different theatre (Newington Butts, far out in the countryside), and we'll have some intriguing encounters with the plays of William Shakespeare. See you then!

Rose theatre information

  • Carol Chillington Rutter, Documents of the Rose Playhouse (Manchester University Press, 1984), 81-2

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