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14 January, 1594 - Friar Francis

Here's what the Earl of Sussex's Men performed at the Rose playhouse on this day, 424 years ago...

Henslowe writes: R at frier frances the 14 of Jenewary 1593 ... xxxvjs 

In modern English: Received at Friar Francis, 14th January, 1594 ... 36 shillings

Image from Hans Holbein's
Dance of Death (1538)
Today, Sussex's Men revived their lost play Friar Francis, which had become legendary for having provoked a real-life murderess in Norfolk to confess her crime. The play was about a woman haunted by the ghost of the husband that she had murdered, and it may have included another plotline about two friars fighting over a pretty nun. You can read more about this play in the entry for 7 January.

Friar Francis played to a packed house when it was staged last week. Today's house was merely average for the Rose, but it was a huge step up from the catastrophic box office that had befallen the two plays staged previously.

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