Monday, 22 May 2017

Back on 26 December

Henslowe's Diary ... as a Blog! is now on semi-hiatus and will fully return on 26th December.

This blog attempts to capture the day-by-day life of an Elizabethan theatre by recounting the daily performances at the Rose playhouse, as recorded in Philip Henslowe's diary. The London theatres were closed on 2 February, 1593 to prevent the spread of plague, and they did not re-open until December of that year. While the Rose was shut, its former occupants, Lord Strange's Men, toured their plays around the towns of England.

The blog is thus currently on hiatus, except for occasional posts about the letters exchanged by Henslowe and his actors during the tour; look out for those in May, July, August and September.

When we return in December, the daily posts will be back and there will be new plays to discover alongside the old stalwarts. Thank you for reading, and see you then!

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